About Us

This is a football blog. That much you might have figured. For the really inquisitive among you, please read on.

The Philosophy

We are, in spirit, The Irreverent Football Site. BigFourZa has writers from India who support one of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United or Liverpool (if you thought Tottenham was one of the Big Four, then you really don’t know your football) and who publish their views here. So this is your daily football fix. We specialize in making fun of everything including ourselves. Especially ourselves.

The Motive

We live in a country where more people know Ravindra Jadeja than Arjen Robben and have a never-ending boner for anything with a bat and ball. They’ve already denounced us as insane and we’re just trying to take as many people down with us as we can. In spite of all that, we know you simply just won’t let it be till you hear it from a Season Ticket Holder who ‘saw it live’. Which is why our kindly Guest Columnists take it upon themselves to bring you the match as they saw it in the stadium. Now stop making that face.

The Rules

Cussing, as entertaining and satisfying as it is, pisses off people who are already pissed off after reading our posts. So whenever you feel like a virtual fight is about to break out, just close your eyes, count to ten and think I’ve only come to see Carlton Palmer. The writers of BigFourZa are in unanimous agreement that Carlton Palmer’s intellect and footballing knowledge trumps all else.

To get in touch with us for bouquets, brickbats or any other path-breaking suggestions you might have, please email us at:


  • kiran

    Hmm finally someone did act on the idea of the website rather than just forget it after brain numbing sessions of beers ,coffee & the telly.

    if this gets popular i recommend that we guys should all gang up on the big day and rent audio systems , projectors and beer kegs and watch football the way it was meant to be …..in some national park/sanctuary .


  • Nice work guys. Love the explanation to your blog name! Do give our blog a look-in & perhaps get back soon thereafter! Keep Gunning for now. Cheers!


  • if this gets popular i recommend that we guys should all gang up on the big day and rent audio systems , projectors and beer kegs and watch football the way it was meant to be …..in some national park/sanctuary .

  • dey call us asian glory hunters waddyu think

    • ‘Dey’ don’t really bother me, no? I watch, I write and I discuss because I like to, and so do you, I think. So there really isn’t anything ‘dey’ can say that is relevant :)

  • hmmm…. wokay…. yeah i like to write (abt liv’pool among other things) even without any readership becoz i love to write, at least yu have d motivation of a readership…

  • CGL_Red

    Here is a path breaking suggestion. can you please put scholsey or giggsy rather than Rooney for united? :)

    • Well mate that was done thinking of the future I believe. But yes, even after all that happened, Rooney is still the talisman. But I won’t mind Fletcher’s pic either representing United.

      Always nice to see a fellow Red Devil around on BFZ.


      • CGL_Red

        Cheers Abhi, talking about future, would like cleverly , shall we start a daily update on news/rumors/Youth games updates of all big four clubs? Include Injury updates as well, I mean, Otherwise how can we even talk about Hargreaves on BFZ. I wouldnt mind providing it from united front.

        Are we Red Devils short on #s on BFZ? given our worldwide support n specially in india, should be flooding the BFZ gates with our “arrogant” opinions n blog posts. :)

  • Hehe. Yeah kind of, we Red Devils are really short in number out here. Only United fans who are bit vocal about their support are Ducky, Bharat & me, as far as I’ve seen till now. So you know, we need more Mancs to outnumber the Gooners (too many!) & Scousers & everyone who’s ABU!

    Your idea of starting such a daily update is great, imho. But then, I’m not the one who takes the decisions! I’m just a guy who writes for this blog. I was planning to do such a thing on my blog, but I think it will be better if you did it out here on BFZ.

    Hope you have a good time around here.


  • CGL_Red

    ever since I read the sentence, “if you thought Tottenham was one of the Big Four, then you really don’t know your football” I really wonder if I know my football or not. because footy history suggests me that THFC have won more honors and achieved greater heights than chelsea ever imagined. chelsea won 2 more league titles but spurs have 8 FA cups vs 6 of chelsea, 2 European cup vs “0”. n the famous n strong team of spurs during early 60s. Giles Oakley, a very intellegent & knowledgable BBC director & a life long red have always spoken highly of spurs. I wouldnt like to disagree with him given his knowledge on game. Also i would choose to see spurs playing anyday above chelsea (no, no… not thats because spurs goalie is more generous to us than chelsea’s, I mean, who literally throws balls to your feet to seal the game when you are 1-0 up n have a slight chances of them sneaking a draw. plus it goes without saying that spurs dont score offside goals, n I normally dont like ppl scoring offside goals against us, n when its that didier “fucking disgrace” drogba, I feel like vomiting).. I know last few lines dont suggest which team is a candidate of big 4, but couldnt resist my fingers writing stuff which comes in my mind as soon as I think of chelsea!!!!

    Yes, I agree that chelsea past 2003 has been a force with money injection from Roman ” The russian mafia” however when we restrict it to big four of English football, Spurs deserves a place on par with chelsea for me. Rant over.

    • Yeah, a point THFC has painstakingly pointed out repeatedly… and hey, if we do find a Tottenham fan, I don’t see why not on BigFourZa. If only to annoy the legions of Gooners who are omnipresent on the bloody internet (and one of whom wrote that line you pointed out).

      And if you’re one of those who follows only the ‘recent comments’ section on this blog and landed up here, we have a new post up (long time, I know!). This one’s for all of you, allegiances-neutral, so please, have fun.

  • CGL_Red

    Well, I was here due to your comment on 7cantonas… n yeah, since I came to know of this site, there wasnt much happening, which kinda forced me to follow “recent comments”…though I shared my thought on RR on mourinho post….

    anyway, the thing is that THFC has missed the football revolution in India(97-98 onwards) due to their average performance in premiere league era n since this is a site of Indian fans, Arsenal, United, liverpool n chelsea are a fair choice as big four. Although, in coming years, we will see # of spurs n City (a MASSIVE follower flood is hiding somewhere in india, as city fans would believe) supporters raising if they keep performing well.

    • No, I agree, you picked a particularly dull time to be introduced to our blog :) Have a look around, check out the Archives, BFZ Features etc. We’ve had our moments.

      Yeah, Spurs fans will increase, and there will be no end of shag emptied on the “Welsh Messi” in the years to come. Mention City fans, and I want to laugh. Though that could just be me.

      I also noticed your suggestion on youth/injury/transfer updates. You’re most welcome to join the band, as you said, where are all the Mancs indeed! Is the mail ID in your comments the one to contact you on? Or just drop us a note at bigfourza@gmail.com, and we’ll take it from there :)


  • CGL_Red

    Sorry, Was busy, although followed the site in quick time, dropping an email to you this evening. Cheers.

  • Sriram Murali

    why not Aston Villa?