• Yernited

    “Writing about yesterday’s game feels like turning a magnifying glass on the runny aftermath of a jalapeno-laden dinner. Actually, scratch that: there was about as much spice in that encounter as there is introspective literature on Wayne Rooney’s Kindle. ”

    But there is! That’s why he was angry and confused this summer. I think.

    • Abhishek

      I thought he was angry because he couldn’t find Waldo or he had colored outside the lines in Kai’s sketchbook or something.

  • yogi

    i’m not a big fan of this site because more often than not they you guys miss out the most important features of the game. An arsenal team from the past would have lost this game on the counter.. this new found maturity that the team has developed is one that title winning teams need to have. it was always going to be a “boring” draw.. but a highly tactical one… and consider this a little heads up.. the reverse fixture is going to be the same.

    • Abhishek

      This blog isn’t meant to unravel tactics or invert pyramids, good sir. Because there are many sites that do that, and also because I don’t know how. I’m grateful for the new-found maturity that the Arsenal team has, and I’m not saying that a high-scoring loss would have been better than this draw. But I will not window-dress a poor game of football as a tactical masterpiece.