• Tony Stark

    good one .

  • http://bigfourza.wordpress.com/ Maddy

    100 stars :D

  • F2

    You missed Fav Song: Bridge over troubled waters, and Fav Show: Nash Bridges (Seriously, Terry could replace Don Johnson as the pseud “fuck”) :P

  • SK

    Briliant factfile dude.. Thoroughly hilarious :D

  • Dandiya

    When not playing football – KILLER!

  • Sample

    Favourite Card Game : Contract Bridge
    Favourite song : Burning Bridges (Megadeth)

    • Vishwa

      contract bridge…how did i miss that…

  • pradyumna

    fav song: under the bridge

    i wish that terry and bridge could see this page.

  • http://tejasaint.blogspot.com/ SpankMac

    Favourite Stadium – Stamford Bridge, of course!
    Favourite Holiday Spot – Bridgetown, Barbados.
    Favourite Actor – Jeff Bridges
    Favourite Workout – Bridge (exercise), most commonly, the balancing of the body on the head and feet (Note- it has not been specified that ‘the body’ is his own)

  • keyrock

    And the wankfest begins yet again.
    I can’t but help smile at this obsession with hating and mocking Chelsea at every little opportunity.

  • Kostaz

    Waiting for a Wayne Rooney FactFile

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