• bharat

    nice … the lightbulb joke was awesome …

  • azzrudin

    dude this is hilarious…..LOL!!!

  • Spanky

    Gave me a good laugh

  • realex99

    How dare you make such fun of my beloved Arsenal?

  • http://soccernet.espn.go.com/feature?id=819764&sec=england&cc=5901 kalyanMechanic

    where is La Sanga. . .
    and champak the chimp . .

    • http://rambotwk.wordpress.com/ Nickspinkboots

      I don’t do good wordplay jokes.

  • Fresh

    Liverpool are taking the piss out of Arsenal?

    Here’s a joke you’ll understand…Liverpool will make the top half of the EPL this year. You will be able to keep Torres because you’re a club going places. Someone will step in and buy out your incredible amount of Debt. Gerrard will be a year younger next year. Dirk Kyut is a great player (I’m glad Arsenal missed him).

    Chin up lads….you’ll bounce back!

    Gooner G

  • http://Goonernews.com Goonerbeall

    Fantastic that Arsenal loss has provided such entertainment to some individuals dwelling in provincial backwaters. I hear the government’s cuts are turning those hoods in no- go areas. How nice that they find reason to smile as one just told us. We are happy to help.

  • oolti

    Arsenal passed out of IIT Madras dual degree program??? Know why………………Five years without a cup :P

    • http://www.bigfourza.com/ RedDuck

      Well if you want to get technical about it, it should actually be 5 years and ALMOST a cup at the end of it

    • http://www.bigfourza.com/ Maddy

      :D :D :D :D :D :D

      And Duck, that’s a valid comparison even then. We WERE 19 minutes from winning the Champions League :)

  • http://www.vinayarsenal.com Vinay

    Here is the biggest joke of all, liverpool will finally win a trophy after how many years, oh sorry i wasnt even born when you guys won last, by the way your team got sold for how much??? not even worth my “socks” hahahha, go screw yourself liverpool. Oh by the way what happened to the world’s best striker after coming to liverpool? he spent 3 seasons on the medical table than on the ground and now he will say fuck you and leave

    • bharat

      lets make it clear first .. im a united fan who enjoys someone taking a pop at pool.but the point you made about torres being on the treatment table for 3 years was pretty rich considering the fact that on your rolls is robin van persie who hasnt made even a 100 starts in the last 7 years he’s been at the club.Both players are great players.But talking about other teams’ players’ injuries will make you look like a fool, assuming you are an arsenal fan ofcourse.

    • off the effin perch – Venky

      Its funny to see ignorant Gooners like Vinay jibing Liverpool about their lack of trophies… They won the CL this decade…A trophy which Arsenal has NEVER won

      • http://www.bigfourza.com/ Maddy

        Pool is fair game for even a Wolves fan. Yes, they baarely won the Champions League, but the rest of their record makes them pretty funny targets. Not to mention their finances.

        • bharat

          ‘Especially their finances’

          hold your horses … that might change very soon.

          yea but still .. arsenal fans can still look at them and laugh .. but as a united fan .. i do worry about our finances .. there is something about big ron’s 80 mil disappearing into thin air that i dont like.

          • http://www.bigfourza.com/ Maddy

            :) Yeah. I’m an unabashed Wenger-philosophy fan, so I take immense pleasure when I read that Mr. Red Sox wants to adopt the Arsenal Way at Liverpool. Can only be good for footer.

            However, till the aforementioned takeover happens, we can laugh :)

          • Off the effin perch – Venky

            I for one am not laughing at Liverpool’s finances. I hate it when a club goes down because of what happens in the board room. I hate it when greedy owners come in and wreck a club for their own profit. I’d much rather liverpool get a fair owner who’d let them live within their means. If it means 2 years of turmoil and protests to achieve long term stability scousers must take it. As a manc i’ll gladly take a few trophyless years if that’ll ensure the long term stability of a club.

  • http://www.vinayarsenal.com Vinay

    well mr. effin, take a hike it was meant for the premier league dude, i never said about the champions league, oh sorry pool doesnt understand premier league for from the time it was constituted, they have never won it, hahaha

    • Off the effin perch – Venky

      Well Mr. Vinay,you said a trophy. The CL is a TROPHY.. Probably the toughest one to win..You should know about it beacuse you’ve never won one. And its funny that you have the nerve to poke fun at pool coz the haven’t won the PL when Arsenal haven’t won anything of note since liverpool’s last TROPHY either….

    • bharat

      dude cmon man … stop making these comments .. you are forcing united fans support pool … Its one thing to make logical comments .. another thing to keep supporting pool …

      last point .. atleast pool gave united a run for their money and came second .. when was the last time the gunners were in any way involved in the title race … you keep talking about the premier league trophy .. since 2004-05 arsenal have only finished twice above pool ..

      • Off the effin perch – Venky

        I am not supporting pool.. I am just pointing out the horrendous double standards of the above gooner.. Trust me, i’d be the first to slate pool… But Arsenal are not bigger than pool in any way… United and Pool are the two biggest clubs in England and their trophy cabinet speak for themselves

        • bharat

          arre bhai .. i hope hindi is allowed on the forum … baat ki khaal kyon nikaal rahe ho bhai … i change my statement .. its tough to say favourable things about pool.