• http://mechanickalyan.wordpress.com mechanickalyan

    awesome…. !!!

    The PremierShip
    Before Official Records were kept
    I won it in a competition

    best of the lot…!

  • http://memunish.wordpress.com/about/ Munish Gupta

    super lolz… cudnt stop laughing

    • http://bigfourza.wordpress.com/ Maddy

      :) Thanks Munish. you have a pretty good blog yourself. Spread the word around. make sure your Pool fan friends see this

  • http://tejasaint.blogspot.com/ SpankMac

    “Turns off the Playstation”

  • http://tejasaint.blogspot.com/ SpankMac

    Here’s the pic of Gerrard BEFORE he got caught by the police for the trophy – http://www.espnstar.com/servlet/file/386461_33_preview.jpg?ITEM_ENT_ID=386461&COLLSPEC_ENT_ID=10&FILE_SERVICE_CONF_ID=33

  • Ram Kumar

    We shall see who is laughing this night, when we FUCKING beat you lot :)

  • heffy

    haha great stuff

  • off the effin perch – venky

    luved it maddy

  • http://bigfourza.wordpress.com/ Arvi

    I guess ever since Torres signed up, every one in the team have been a bit unsettled, Alonso not being the least of them :P

  • RamC

    Trivia Q :

    What do gooners do after getting their arses kicked by manures and chelshits ?

    They turn to mock Liverpool FC before getting another spanking from Scousers.

    lol, look at who posted this ….the same guy who is in a disillusioned state ’cause his team recently suffered two embarrassing defeats and yet another season which flattered to deceive(it has been tht since 2005)….our teams are on the same boat maddy as of this season …..and atleast we have won the champions league in recent memory….when was the last time you guys saw a champions league trophy…oh wait ….it was last sighted by a certain jens lehmann on his way back out of the field after being chucked out of a final …rumor has it tht he wanted to steal it too, but he was consumed by an overpowering call of nature and he couldnt piss on the field because of the red card.

  • Sample

    very bad timing Ram C. Very very bad timing.

  • Dandiya

    Playstation one was the best!

  • Gunners Dream

    Nice one.

    However after the backheel-pirouette own goal, Djimi Traore should be bestowed legend status. Undoubtedly.

    Manager Qualification : Shouldn’t it be waiter at the local Tapas place?

  • Tony Stark

    hilarious !

  • Nabil Danial

    Hahaha… Arsenal win 1-0… Liverpool lose…
    Anyway good luck for Liverpool throughout this campaign