• MetallGooner

    Sir Red Nose is spending short term to get his last title. Obviously with Middle East City quality his ability to arrange titles with referees and FA is not enough. Arsenal just made a greate deal. You are right about other Manure strickers, they will be out unless Robin Van Pussy will be on the treatment table as usual.

    • The ~red~ Devil’s Advocate

      Another crying gooner. It must be really painful for you to travel all the way from london to manchester, just to watch your players train! :P I just finished watching your first match. Kudos on not scoring. And No, YOU WON’T have your captain back! Bi.

      • Man utd


      • leeroysgooners

        The Opposite For Utd Fans Having To Travel From London To Manchester To Watch A Manure Game Lmfao Bunch Of Glory Hunters…

      • leeroysgooners

        Most Of EM Never Been To OT Even I Have And Im A Gooner…

  • The ~red~ Devil’s Advocate

    Seems legit for a manchester united fan…but if we go down to the gooner level and think like a ‘manchester-united-fan-who’s-an-eternal-arsenal-hater’, the signing seems about right. And the thought that we are spending glazer’s cash (Tit for Tat, it feels like!) just cushions his price! There are two things involved: Make yourself stronger and make your enemy weak. RvP saga’s more on the latter side but yes, let’s not draw a berba comparison and rule him out, just yet. Kagawa just in a month feels like bitch, ya, a United player while RvP’s surely due to earn that tag, with fans, atleast. A great post which tells those gooners that we are not having wet dreams about your captain just as yet, but if he proves his mettle in a tablecloth-jersey (got that?? tablecloth–lies on top of the table!! ), then we’d be the first ones to have a shag. Let’s wait n Watch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Norbu89 Rinchen Norbu Wangchuk

    Pretty much had the same reservations, when Van Persie was initially named as a possible transfer target. But frankly, when you think about it, there is no harm in having as many options up front, and if one of them happens to be Van Persie (Incredible quality), then there really is no problem. It is a selection headache, Sir Alex wouldn’t mind having. Though, I don’t see the ‘Berbatov’ scenario happening, as Van Persie is a different kind of striker altogether. The problem might arise if Sir Alex messes with the balance of the side just to accommodate Van Persie.

    • Sid

      My point was that there are more risks associated with this transfer, we’re going to see Welbeck and Hernandez play far fewer games and these games will be once in a while too